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Alumni processes can have a decisive influence in the lives of students and businesses and community participation . An improved student experience will create the foundation for a mutually beneficial participation of students, alumni, because they can catalyze and facilitate new partnerships and productive interactions between the institution and the business and community partners. Benefits for alumni may include:

  • establish and maintain close ties with the institution

  • expanded the scope and scale of students antique engagement with new benefits and opportunities for students to participate

  • Support for new students beginning in early career

  • Increased Access to network with other students, alumni, staff of institutions and employers

Historically, many activities related to the former focused on fundraising and what still counts as an important factor. However, institutions are increasingly recognizing that the development of long-term relationships that help students in their studies and beyond employment, provides the possibility of great mutual benefit . For example, the benefits to the institution may include:

  • Increased levels of maturity in business intelligence based on better information management, says alumni and students engaged

  • improving systems and processes, and new portals, social and professional networks, and new resources to support students, resulting in greater efficiency of the institution

  • Opportunities to develop and test new technologies

  • Wider promotion of the institution that leads to an increase partnership opportunities and the potential increase in recruitment

  • develop and strengthen cooperation between ministries and collaboration

  • Opportunities for potential funding by the elders and the participation of employers and partnerships

  • cost-effectiveness (eg. former student volunteers return to the institution and to support the professional development of the student)

  • The staff of teachers can access a group of people in professional practice to provide students with a view of the real world

Many institutions have not yet developed the infrastructure and culture to support these new types of relationships and interactions, but new technologies and business practices to offer new incentives to transform existing approaches. It is important to recognize and build on the work and experience of the past, so that existing participation activities will be integrated into the new procedures and practices that reflect changes in strategies and policies lies .